Could Elon Musks Tesla Roadster Models Reach Collectible Status In The Future

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Do Elon Musks Tesla Roadster and Model S have enough charm and lasting appeal to consider it a collectible in the future?According to a report believe that the original Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Model S both have the potential to become collectibles in the future. Between the two the Tesla Roadster is considered to be the epitome of breakthrough technology in the motoring industry. TESLA cars could be free to operate completely autonomously as soon as this year and certainly by next year at the latest. Kyle Grillot 4 Eternal braggard Elon Musk reckons his driverless cars will be better than youMusk has been talking up the prospect of fully self driving Tesla cars for years. That timeline was missed but Musk now believes hes nearly ready to put driverless Tesla vehicles on the road. Tesla cars already have some autonomous features and can navigate motorways largely autonomously. Although many suspect driverless cars will inevitably be safer than human operated vehicles there are still concerns

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