Elon Musks tunnel vision Las Vegas moving ahead on talks but Chicago project stalled

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The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority voted to move ahead on talks with Boring Co. looking forward to building a boring company tunnel in vegas. While a test tunnel opened in the Los Angeles area last year another proposed project in the region was scuttled after opposition from neighborhood groups. 9 mile monorail ferries visitors up and down the Strip and to the convention center. SpaceX has built a stainless steel rocket ship at its launch site near Boca Chica Beach located at the southern tip of Texas. a launch system that spacex founder elon musk hopes to use to send people to mars. Why crucial Test Hopper launches might happen this weekTest Hopper cant fly into orbit around Earth. But before Starship gets off the ground Musk has given spacefaring fans a glimpse of the hexagonal heatshield tiles that will eventually protect the craft from searing heat. Testing Starship heatshield hex tiles pic. he suggested this could withstand the extreme temperatures associated with returning to earth but it is slightly lower than the temperatures nasas space shuttles were built to withstand

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