Elon Musk Continues To Amuse Himself On Twitter Sharing Song Duck Emoji

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yesterday billboard magazine reported that elon musk had dropped a rap song on soundcloud. in its comments there was also a joke about x. In response to the duck emoji someone tweeted that next Musk needed to update X. com Musk promptly replied by tweeting the URL x. no word yet on precisely what role musk played in the creation of the track beyond releasing it on his failed [. But as James Dolan can happily attest you should never let a little thing like being an ultra wealthy executive get in the way of your dreams. Erratic Tesla CEO Elon Musk just released a rap song paying tribute to a dead gorilla. The SpaceX executive dropped the track titled RIP Harambe Saturday on SoundCloud under the music label Emo G Records. So what was he doing touting a rap song and tweeting about emojis over the critical last weekend of the quarter?Amazing work by Tesla Delivery teams especially in Europe & China! Musk tweeted Saturday. The first quarter ends Sunday and Tesla is expected to announce its quarterly deliveries early this week

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