Elon Musk SEC Agree To Guidelines On Twitter Use

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In those cases according to the agreement filed with Manhattan federal court. Nathan had given the SEC and Musk two weeks to work out their differences and come to a resolution. The SEC filed a complaint in alleging that Musk had committed securities fraud. Musk and Tesla settled with the SEC last year without admitting wrongdoing. The SEC argued that the tweet sent by Musk violated their agreement. The new agreement provides much more detailed guidance about when tweets and other public statements by Musk must be approved by Tesla lawyers. In other words the SEC seems to be satisfied with getting Musk to start seeking legal review for his tweets the way the agency thought Musk had been doing since last time. tesla ceo elon musk has reached an agreement with the us securities and exchange commission. The deal requires the entrepreneur to have his tweets about the car company pre approved by a securities lawyer before he hits the tweet button. If approved by a US District judge the arrangement would mean that Musk could no longer be held in contempt of court

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