Elon Musk Was Right Cheap Cameras Could Replace Lidar on Self Driving Cars Researchers Find

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Using cheap sensors to simply detect objects near a self driving car isnt enough. Lidar is still reliable and incredibly accurate instead of costs. Cornells approach will make it much cheaper to implement self driving features on a car and it could eventually make Lidar obsolete. Bets against Teslas stock price are at their highest point this year as the company gears up to report its first quarter earnings. As Tesla gears up to report its first quarter earnings investors appear to be ratcheting up their bets against the company. Data from the financial analytics firm S3 Partners indicates that as of Tuesdays close were at their highest level of the year. But the Loop in the draft environmental impact statement released last week is a far cry from the Hyperloop Musk initially described. And some in the community wonder if the costly project makes any sense and will ever get built. But the footprint of the first proposed Loop station in Washington is too small for that many passengers it acknowledged. Therefore the environmental assessment says

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