Elon Musks latest defense Tesla says my tweets are kosher

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Since the Order was entered Musk has not tweeted material information regarding Tesla. Musk argues that the SECs broader interpretation is inconsistent with the plain language of Musks settlement agreement with the SEC. He includes red line drafts Musks lawyers sent to the SEC during negotiations over the settlement. In Musks view the SEC is trying to re approved. A row of new Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles is seen at a parking lot in Richmond U. Tesla argued in its defence that it had been forthcoming about challenges with Model 3 production including repeated statements by Musk that Tesla was undergoing production hell. Breyer wrote that the allegations of fraud ignored Teslas repeated warnings about Model 3 production risks. The first of these tests is simply a short static fire test. The rocket firm had eyed Wednesday Thursday or Friday as possible dates to carry out the hop tests. However of the action during the hop test

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