Judge Dismisses Elon Musk Contempt Claims Orders Revision Of Settlement Addressing SEC Concerns

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Securities and Exchange Commission delivered oral arguments in a Thursday contempt hearing. The SEC argued Musk should have gotten permission to make those statements online. People who came to the courthouse hoping to see Musk smacked downor vindicatedby Judge Nathan left disappointed. Judge Nathan seemed frustrated by the entire situation the issue will not be finally resolved. Complying with court orders was not optional and not a game the judge said. On his way out the door Musk told reporters that he was impressed with Judge Nathans analysis. The Tesla Model 3 has eight cameras on the outside of it to help enable its driver aids and security features but theres also one inside that doesnt do anythingyet. But it may help you earn money one day if Telsas plans for an autonomous ride hailing network come to fruition. CEO Elon Musk has previously detailed the long driving Teslas to hire them out as taxis when theyre not using them for themselves. He added that the cameras can also see out of the windows to provide additional input for other features

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