Tesla Autopilot will be able to avoid potholes on the road says Elon Musk

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Tesla Autopilot will eventually be able to avoid potholes on the road according to CEO Elon Musk as the automaker releases more advanced Autopilot updates. i highlighted the issue in a tweet after the first leg of my road trip. Along with the new feature which Musk described as epic. securities regulators to meet for at least an hour to try and settle a dispute over Musks tweets. The SEC wants Nathan to fine Musk for allegedly violating a court approved settlement requiring his tweets to be approved by a lawyer if they disclose important company facts. But Musk attorney John Hueston told the judge that the SEC had failed to show his client had violated the deal. Right now the Autopilot feature will drive a Tesla straight through a pothole of any size or depth. Musk made a terse announcement to this effect in response to a tweet by a Tesla owner. Musk was gracious enough to respond Definitely. Analysts noted that more features are coming to the Tesla EV fleet including Enhanced Summon

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