These Idiots Shot A Porno In An Autopilot Enabled Tesla And Elon Musk Deserves Some Blame

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The adult actress is the first to shoot a pornographic scene in a moving vehicle without a human driver. Jackson recently shot a pornographic scene where she and a man in the drivers seat engaged in various sex acts while riding in a Tesla on Autopilot. As dumb as it was Jackson isnt the problem; Elon Musk is. Tesla CEO Elon Musk isnt helping anyone to understand that. 60 minutes segment musk conducts an interview while behind the wheel of a model 3. Rapidly evolving technology and shifting political winds could hasten the arrival of peak oil well before Wall Streets estimates. Although peak oil demand feels like a long term threat its effects may already be evident in the markets. He said underinvestment could set the stage for a supply shortage that causes oil prices to spike potentially driving up oil stocks along the way. Peak oil in 2020sOthers warn that buying oil stocks today is dangerous. European oil majors are hedging their betsOf course it doesnt mean the industry will go away

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