Why Elon Musks Mars Bound Starship Hopper Has Been Delayed

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The cryogenic propellant system Musk mentioned is a key part of this plan as storing the fuel at low temperatures will help make it more efficient. Thats true of most steels but not of stainless steel that has a high chrome nickel content. Once SpaceX resolves the issues around cooling the propellant the Starship Hopper could finally fly. Im disappointed that my record label failed he added. Hundreds of jokes posted each day and some of them arent even reposts!. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has praised the efforts of Chinese security research firm Tencent Keen Security Lab which was able to hack into a Tesla Model S with Autopilot. Elon Musks reception of the security labs work highlights Teslas tech focused strategy and its efforts to make its vehicles as secure as possible. The company noted that the vulnerabilities which allowed Keen Labs to control the vehicle through a gamepad had already been addressed. The full results of Tencent Keen Security Labs study could be accessed here

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