Why Elon Musk is an increasingly bad choice to run Tesla

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3 percent higher following the tweet which occurred during market hours. Federal regulators and Elon Musk are set to face off in federal court in New York on Thursday. The SEC has asked the judge to find Musk in contempt of court for allegedly violating his settlement with the agency. tesla ceo elon musk and his legal team have arrived for a thursday court hearing in the case against him brought by the securities and exchange commission. Despite a correction about four hours later that morning the SEC accused Musk of violating the agreement and asked the court to find him in contempt of court. but its a bad philosophy for the ceo of a big mature company like tesla circa. Nathan is an outstanding judge Musk said softly. Musk even published a correction hours after which the SEC later determined happened because the Tesla lawyer in charge of monitoring Musks tweets felt it needed to be amended. The result was two hours of semantic debate and Musks legal team wrangling over the language in the settlement

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