Americans Finally Accept Islam After Learning Muslim Politicians Also Lie Cheat

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sikh girl forced to accept islam and marry muslim manduration. The parents of abducted girl lodged an FIR but no action has been taken so far. Time and again proofs of abduction of Hindu or Sikh girls forcibly converted to Islam and marrying have surfaced on social media but the authorities in Pak chose not to take action against such complaints. The Islamic New Year is marked by the lunar moon so the exact date of Hijri changes slightly every year. In a major breakthrough a large majority of Americans are now comfortable with Muslims in public life after learning that Muslim politicians also pretend to be devout while cheating on their spouse with a colleague. The shift in public opinion occurred after Ilhan Omar was accused of cheating on her husband with a married political strategist who had worked on her campaign. I used to think that Omar was un American because she had a funny name one Ohio Republican told The Mideast Beast. If youre a Muslim former House Speaker Newt Gingrich explained. The only thing more American than paying for sex is paying for sex with someone elses money former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and Senator David Vitter said in a joint statement

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