Editorial Pay tribute to Kiwi Muslims today

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The #headscarfforharmony movement is another group hoping to ease the fears of Muslim women who feel they cant go outside wearing a headscarf after last weeks terror attack. Fridays events encouraging Kiwis to wear headscarves is for solidarity and unity called it a wonderful idea. The Prime Minister has been commended around the world for her strong yet compassionate handling of the mosque massacre which killed 50 worshippers last week. it still seems hard to believe that a week ago today most of us imagined terrorism would never happen here. But it is no more than our Muslim community deserves. There is no denying that those in the Muslim community will not feel as safe now as they did last Friday morning especially when they enter a mosque. She is one of many women in New Zealand who is embracing #HeadScarfforHarmony to make a stand against the hate espoused by the Australian man accused of killing dozens of worshippers. Headscarves are also being worn as a mark of respect by policewomen and non Muslim volunteers directing the crowds around the site in Christchurch holding communal prayers on Friday. It is amazing how different I felt for the short time I was out this morning Stoakes told AFP. I did feel a sense of pride to honour my Muslim friends but I also felt very vulnerable and alone as I was the only person wearing one

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