No Surrender Ian Paisley Nigel Farage Denounce Boriss Brexit Deal

nigel farage


Nigel Farage has praised the European Unions chief negotiator for his work on the prime ministers Brexit deal. As the prime minister has pushed forward with his deal Mr Farage has become increasingly critical of it. The Brexit Party leader criticised the Prime Ministers Brexit deal on the eve of what looks set to be a tumultuous weekend dubbed Super Saturday. On Saturday Mr Johnson will battle to get his Brexit deal across the line in the House of Commons. ian paisley jr the northern irish mp and son of firebrand democratic unionist party. adding his lament to that of lord carson a century earlier mr paisley concluded. They are doing it because they believe it will give Boris a big short term bounce in the polls because he can say he got Brexit done. Know the country is behind you and tomorrow put country before party. most members of parliament dont accurately represent the opinions of the nation when talking about leaving the european union. Im pleased that Boris wants Brexit he told Cavuto

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