Nike Pulled Its Offensive Betsy Ross Flag Sneakers From The Market GOP Lawmakers Were Livid

nike betsy


As first reported by the Wall Street Journal USA themed sneakers offensive. Nike pulled sneakers embellished with the controversial Betsy Ross flag from its apps and website. The red blue sneakers according to StockXs website. By Tuesday morning when they couldnt be found elsewhere. Those critical of the Nike shoe include activist and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick according to The Wall Street Journal. In recent years right wing and extremist groups have attempted to adopt the Betsy Ross flag. Despite the flags name according to the U. She called the move pathetic and then doubled down on her pique writing that her family would never buy Nike shoes again. Ingrahams ire toward NFL players who kneel during the national anthem a trend sparked by Kaepernick to highlight racial injustice is well known. warren petersen used nikes tag line to mock the company

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