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Nintendo Switch Lite is available for preorderNintendos smaller and now you can pre order one. But you cannot connect it to a television a thing people are just not seeming to understand about it. This is a fair assuption as the whole point of calling the Switch Switch was that it could switch between a living room and portable console. So calling this one the Switch Lite is an example of branding inverting meaning in the halls of high capitalism. They should have called this new portable only device the Nintendo Snatch. nintendothe new playstation vita nintendo switch lite is finally up for pre digit numbers of different kinds of switches. the nintendo switch lite is a switch that does not switch. Heres something to remember and its even more important for the portable only Switch Lite. Yes the Nintendo Switch is an incredible piece of machinery. The Nintendo Switch Lite looks like its going to be a great way to access a broad library of incredible games for a relative bargain

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