Joey Badass Said He Wished People Gave Nipsey Hussle More Praise While He Was Alive

nipsey hussle


Quickly the interview turned to the subject of the recent passing of Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle. To Badass Hussles passing shouldnt have been the first time the world learned about his hard work and amazing achievements. The group of New York rappers felt that this sentiment should extend beyond our relationship with a famous artist; it should also shape how we conduct our interpersonal relationships. Its extremely important that you show appreciation for your favorite artists Badass said. Rapper The Game wrote his own emotionally charged post defending Hussle and his legacy against Ingrahams comments. She has also slammed NBA player LeBron James for criticizing President Donald Trump saying that he should shut up and dribble. According to the LA Times released when Donald Trump ran as a candidate for President. Which brings us back to Nipsey Hussle and his elaborate send off. Nipsey Hussle is merely the most recent and most famous of these victims. Despite the gangs opulent record of death and ruin both in interviews and in the lyrics to his music

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