Nipsey Hussle honored and remembered in Fresno during candle vigil for late rapper

nipsey hussle


LeBron James has spoken once again on the loss of Nipsey Hussle calling the Los Angeles rappers murder one of the most unfortunate events thats happened in American history. Its another tragedy in the inner city he said in an interview with CBS Los Angeles. James said that Hussle was a victim of resentment from people who grew up around him and hadnt found similar success. In the wake of Hussles death many people have pointed out the ways in which Hussle was investing in his community. His brother explained how Hussle became a role model in his neighborhood. Among those street gangs represented was the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips is allegedly affiliated with now. Eric Holder pleaded not guilty on Thursday and had his bail set at $5 million. Hussle was revered not only for his music but his community outreach in South Central Los Angeles. Rapper Nipsey Hussle grew up in South Los Angeles and often rapped about helping out his community. Hundreds turned out for a candle vigil Friday that honored Hussle in downtown Fresno

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