YG on Nipsey Hussle The World Didnt Know What They Had Till You Was Gone

nipsey hussle


YG has opened up about the death of his good friend and collaborator Nipsey Hussle. If niggaz know NIP then Niggaz know bro got his own recording process YG wrote. the world didnt know what they had till you was gone i been knew!officials said they believe nipsey and holder had a dispute of a personal nature shortly before the shooting. Eric Holder has been arrested and is in police custody. Police are racing to find the known gang member wanted in connection with Nipsey Hussles murder who is now feared to be the subject of a gang hit. Late on Monday as the suspect in Hussles murder. where he was trying to legitimize gang members by developing the area and eradicating violence. LAPD Chief Michael Moore made an appeal for the suspect to hand himself in but also gave an emotional tribute to Hussle. Hussle was shot multiple times and was pronounced dead after being rushed to hospital. We was suppose to grow old shoot jokes on you all day

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