Jeff Bezos And Blue Origins Next Announce

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Telepresent Drawings in Space uses graphite to create a drawing that could only have been made in space reads a statement from Blue Origin. a spider inspired robotic dance in weightlessness demonstrates a crystalline robotic device that navigates zero gravity similar to a performance. notes that the blue origin mission has been completed. Blue Origin after what the team has hailed a wholly successful flight. Congrats to the Blue Origin team on what looks to be another wholly successful flight the company added. Blue Origin is one of the handful of private companies now vying to put tourists in space. Jeff Bezos rocket outfit bringing the company closer to the day when it will strap actual humans into the thing. 32 utc with the single stage booster notching up its fifth successful mission. AMAZON boss Jeff Bezos space firm has successfully launched and landed a rocket that could soon be used for tourist flights. Blue Origin hailed the flight as wholly successful and said it showed the rocket could be safely re used for multiple flights

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