Trumps poll ratings As usual no significant change

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Thats why he asked us to launch an Official Weekly President Trump Tracking Poll so that we can show the President updated accurate and UNBIASED results every week. Because this poll is only going to real American Patriots your vote will have a HUGE impact on the results. The President wants to know what you think and you dont want to miss this chance to have your voice heard. One I dont usually reflect on the connections that help me understand how I learn something new or what goes into coming up with some new concept. The Monmouth University poll is another piece of data that suggests that the 2020 election will be about Trump not the economy. Voters have problems with Trumps tax cuts and bigotry. A vast majority of voters want change so Democrats could make history by making Trump a one term president while the unemployment rate is low. Monmouth poll shows Trumps approval rating is higher in deep blue districts than swing districts. However the Monmouth poll doesnt provide polling data from individual districts. Still the results illustrate Trumps potential vulnerability

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