Antifa Proud Boys Fans Clash Outside Portland Ore Bar After Peaceful May Day Protests

portland antifa


Police in Portland responded to a brawl outside a bar Wednesday night where members of far right group. The fight happened after a day of generally peaceful May Day protests across the Oregon city. short for antifascist is the term used for those who say they oppose neo nazis racists and other hate groups. Most recently the FBI was investigating a possible Antifa plot to buy guns from a Mexican cartel and stage an armed rebellion against U. Maddow Suggests Trump Takes Orders Directly From PutinThis is the stuff of street corner ranters begging for change. Maddow Says Putin Installed Rex Tillerson as Trumps Secretary of StateI am running out of ways to smack my gob. Maddow Says Putin Ordered Trump to End Korean War GamesMore proof Brian Stelter is the hackiest hack in hackdom. Dozens of Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer members again clashed with Antifa protesters on the streets of Portland just as police praised the peaceful nature of the May Day protests that took place across the city. Patriot Prayer and their affiliates showed up said Cider Riot owner Abram Goldman Armstrong. Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys have held several rallies in Portland over the years which are often met with violent counter demonstrations

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