Prince Charles Camilla Shands Relationship Had A Complicated Beginning

prince camilla


For Charles and Camilla they might have to put a bit more effort in. It is the couples third joint visit to New Zealand and their first in four years. Their public duties were due to begin Monday when they planned to lay a wreath at the Mount Roskill War Memorial. During the trip including those who have survived domestic violence. Camilla is the Duchess of Cornwall and the princes second wife. camilla shand whose relationship with charles is by far his longest. There are differing reports about how Camilla and Charles met. ing the crown but camilla and andrew had a romance of their own before she even met charles. This came on the heels of a rekindled relationship between Charles and Camilla that occurred while he was still married to Diana Charles and Diana divorced as well. with hindsight charles godmother patricia mountbatten is quoted as saying in charles and camilla

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