Prince Charles Married Princess Diana Instead Of Camilla For This Shocking Reason

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Prince Charles married Princess Diana instead of Camilla Parker Bowles for a shocking reason. However he opted to marry Princess Diana for a surprising reason she was a virgin. In this forum many believe that the reason Prince Charles married Princess Diana was because shes a virgin. Aside from not being a virgin Camilla was not as aristocratic as Princess Diana. The netizens opinion was in line with Dr. Piers Brendans explanation of why the royal family ruled out Camilla for Prince Charles. The late royal spoke about the ordeal in her book Call Me Diana by Nigel Cawthorne. speaking about posing for pictures after williams birth diana said. Biographer Andrew Morton previously revealed Diana felt Prince Charles was disappointed Harry was a boy and that he had red hair a trait which runs in the Spencer family. Despite his comments having hurt her feelings Diana felt compelled to stand on the steps again just hours later and smile like everything was fine

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