Princess Diana Broke Ex Boyfriend Hasnat Khans Heart After Confirming New Relationship

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Richard Shepherd hidden deep in her lung. Her specific injury is so rare that in my entire career I dont believe Ive seen another extracted in the Daily Mail Sunday. dianas death is a classic example of the way we say after almost every day. Meanwhile a forensic pathologist recently claimed that Princess Diana would still be alive if she was wearing a seatbelt on the day of the accident. Dr Shepherd has said that it was a typical if only case in his new book Unnatural Causes. if only she was wearing a seat belt and if only she had been put in an ambulance immediately after. The injuries that Princess Diana sustained in the car accident that took both her life and the life of her friend Dodi Fayed should not have killed her according to a new book from a top U. Richard Shepherd alleges that Dianas injury was a tear in a vein. Shepherd claimed that bodyguards generally do not wear seatbelts

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