Why Princess Diana Was Jealous Of Prince Williams Nanny Forced Her To Quit

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Princess Diana reportedly made one of Prince William and Prince Harrys nannies so miserable that she quit claims a royal commentator. Princess Diana had been a doting and hands on mother to her two children with Prince Charles. But Princess Diana apparently eventually got over her jealousy as she later allowed nannies to help her raise Prince William and Prince Harry. PRINCESS Diana breached royal protocol by hiding a big secret from the Queen a new documentary has revealed. Princess Dianas iconic interview with Panoramas Martin Bashir shook the world after she revealed there were three people in her marriage with Prince Charles. But no one in Royal Family was told the interview would even take place and a new documentary has exposed the extreme lengths Diana went to keep it a secret. Martin Bashir would relish the prospect of being brought into Kensington Palace in the boot mysteriously secretly. Dianas press secretary wasnt aware of the planned interview and neither was the Queen. And now her chef has given another insight into what it was like to work for the Peoples Princess and her then husband Prince Charles. She says that the mum two would often get involved in the kitchen and even helped with the washing upHowever Carolyn says Prince Charles was much more difficult

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