Meghan Markles rumored new nickname will reportedly make Prince Harry angry royal source claims

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Meghan Markle is awaiting both the birth of the couples first child and their first anniversary this May. They will be seventh in line to the throne currently held for over 67 years by Queen Elizabeth. In line before Harry and Markles child is Prince Charles reported ET. It has long been rumored but never confirmed that the monarch will skip her son Prince Charles entirely as heir to the throne and pass it along to her grandson Prince William. Meghan Markle apparently has a head scratching new moniker. MEGHAN MARKLE INSPIRED PRINCE HARRY TO DROP THESE 5 BAD HABITSHe compared Markles harsh media coverage to that of Sarah Ferguson when she married Prince Andrew. A source told the British publication at the time the position became too much and she couldnt handle the pressure. Some outlets such as Insider are disputing that Markles being called Me Gain by staff saying a royal source told them the report is completely untrue. However the family have been quick to quash all claims. It is now believed Wills might miss the birth of Meghans first child due to work commitments

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