Meghan Markle in danger of NEGLECTING Prince Harry after royal baby birth claims expert

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should reportedly be sent to Australia according to Princess Dianas former royal butler Paul Burrell. I think the Queen should think about giving Prince Harry Governor General of Australia as theyd be rulers in their own country doing their own thing. He said that the last thing he wants is to see Prince William and Prince Harry have an irreparable fallout. Prince Harry which is something that he has strived to achieve for years. Relationship expert Sheela Mackintosh Stewart explained possible tensions could arise in their relationship once the baby arrives. The Duchess of Sussex is likely to take charge of the baby which could lead to Harry feeling neglected she asserted. She added irritations can crop up if couples do not respond to each other with understanding. men often feel a loss of control as their wife take charge of the baby and the space around the baby. Gregg Sulkin says Meghan is one of the most sincere and genuine people he knows. The 26 Social and has said she was just as much of a princess before she met Prince Harry as she is now that shes married to him

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