Piers Morgan hopes Prince Harry knows what hes doing with Meghan Shes a piece of work

prince meghan


PIERS Morgan has accused Meghan Markle of being fake and a social climber and slammed her as a piece of work whos just using Prince Harry to get to the top in a scathing attack on the Duchess. is meghan really fake and a piece of work as i know youve said before?she went in that cab that night to a party prince harry was at and the next night she went on the date with him. It showed me that she is probably a bit of social climber. He then issued a word of warning to Prince Harry. Unfortunately he may have to wait a while. This means theres a chance hell be on the other side of the world when the Duchess of Sussex gives birth. Maybe he should look into sending a Moonpig card in case hes still away for the birth of his niece or nephew. They are moving to Windsor as they prepare to start their new lives as first time parents a source says that leaving London is actually going to be a really healthy move for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It has the most amazing mulberry walk where we would pick mulberries for Prince Philips mulberry gin. And when the Queen is there on a Sunday afternoon it is a five minute walk up the hill for tea with Granny

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