Prince memoir The Beautiful Ones coming out in the fall

prince memoir


The book depicts Princes evolution through deeply revealing Purple Rain. The books editor said in a statement The Beautiful Ones was a beautiful tribute to his life. The publisher said in a press release Monday morning that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Prince Estate to handle the book. The New Yorkers Dan Piepenbring will write the memoirs introduction according to Random House. The Beautiful Ones three years after his death. Hes not a yes man at all and hes really helping me get through this he said. The memoir will also include an introduction by New Yorker writer Dan Piepenbring who had originally been chosen as a collaborator by Prince. Piepenbrings essay will touch upon Princes final days while retaining the mystery and mystique hed so carefully cultivated. the real time story of a kid absorbing the world around him and creating a persona before the hits and the fame that would come to define him. chris jackson its also much more than that

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