Kate Middleton Prince Charles Princess Diana Had These Awkward Moments In Public

prince middleton


Kate Middleton and the other members of the royal family have all been seen in awkward situations. Several years ago Princess Diana met lifeguards at Terrigal beach during her visit to Australia. However William told him Kate was the reason why he chose not to go ahead with it. We didnt think he was serious but he said he was keen to get a large tattoo like the one David Beckham has. David Camernon famously boasts a large guardian angelWilliams grandfather is also said to be fascinated by tattoos. We often see them enjoying a private joke during engagements and it could very well be Kate joking at Wills expense. Kate loves to poke fun at her husband all because of his hair. prince william is the most fun royal that ive met. In fact Kate is believed to even call her husband Baldy as a nickname. Well maybe the Royal family are more into raucous banter than we thought

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