Mum offering nanny 40000 to dress up as Disney Princess and look after kids

prince nanny


uk is listed as a part time job in Hertfordshire. We know this isnt a normal request for nannies the posting reads. The gig pays about $53 but there is a request that candidates have a flexible schedule in case of emergencies. When the childcare jobs site posted about it on their Facebook page some commented to say it was the perfect job for themselves or a friend. Some potential candidates were not only offering to dress up and play along but do one better by singing Disney songs on the job. The nanny would work four days a week Tuesdays through Fridays and be responsible for picking up the girls after school creating Disney themed activities and possibly putting the girls to bed. The couple hopes to find a Disney mad nanny. Our girls are obsessed with Disney and we feel this would be the best way to communicate some important values the job description reads. This part time princess gig pays 40 national holidays and sick days. Should you land the job which nets you an additional eight days off

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