Prince Harry will take full paternity leave to prove hes a modern dad

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SOME argue the Royals are old fashioned but Prince Harry plans to show hes a very modern dad when he and Meghan Markle welcome their first child. getty contributor 2 prince harry plans to prove hes a modern dad and take two weeks of paternity leave when meghan markle gives birtha friend of the prince told the paper. LABOUR OF LOVE Could Meghan Markle give birth at The Mulberry Birth Centre at Frimley Park?BABY LOVE Where is the Lindo wing is this where Meghan Markle is giving birth?. The Duke of Sussex thinks this is a modern thing to do. Meghan Markles pregnancy is winding down Prince Harry has announced that he will be taking his own two weeks off after the baby is born with the first ever royal family paternity leave. The Daily Mail says that Prince Harry has announced that after Baby Sussex is born he will take two weeks off to bond with the baby and his wife. The Inquisitr says that Duchess Meghan has already taken leave of official duties as the baby is due at any time. Prince Harry was on hand as he is the Godfather of the youngest Miss Tindall. reportsprince harry will take two weeks of paternity leave when the royal baby arrives media outlets are reporting. Thats one of several ways millennial dads are parenting their kids differently than previous generations did

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