Kate Middleton Prince William Made This Mistake With Baby Prince George

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However even they made a shocking mistake with their newborn infant son. According to Mirror UK everything went welluntil it came time for Prince William to put his son and heir into a car seat. When baby George was placed into the car seat he was still swaddled in a blanketsomething that is considered a major faux pas when it comes to buckling a child into one. The website notes that it isnt recommended for blankets and swaddles to be around the baby when they are buckled into the seat because they can keep the seat straps from staying the correct position. In addition which is another safety hazard. wishing a happy third birthday to princess charlotte thank you all for your lovely messages!pic. People pointed out that Charlotte looks like the Queens mini me. While there might be some debate on who exactly little Princess Charlotte looks like right now lets all agree shes growing up so fast. Kate Middleton was awarded one of the highest honors from Queen Elizabeth on the day of her wedding anniversary to Prince William. This is a great honor for Middleton to receive as when her husband Prince William eventually takes the throne she will become Queen of England

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