Prince William Jeered At Westminster Abbey Crowd Shout Shame On You At Royal Army Event

prince william


Prince William did not receive the warmest and nicest response when he arrived at an event to honor the Royal Navys submarine service on Friday. Some of the protesters laid on the ground acting as if they were dead to remember the nuclear war victims. For Hudson the event that Prince William attended sent out the clear message that weapons are celebrated in Britain and in a place of worship. They had to run the gauntlet of hecklers shouting shame on you down with Trident and down with war outside Westminster Abbey. William were there to recognise the UK commitment in maintaining Operation Relentless the longest mission in the history of the Armed Forces. Ms Mordaunt had earlier announced that Britains fourth Dreadnought submarine is to be named King George VI. Those countless men and women played their part in maintaining peace. New defence secretary Penny Mordaunt with Prince William behind her. Johns victory reflects a dramatic change in Prince William County Republicans that are now completely controlled by the far right. I will bring a new era of inclusivity to Prince William County Wheeler said in a statement

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