Prince William Recalls Grief Of Mothers Death In Speech For Christchurch Terror Families

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What Ive realised is that of course grief can change your outlook. Farid Ahmad broke down as he welcomed William. But he praised the Prince as an inspiration. William later travelled for a private visit to Linwood mosque which was also attacked. Earlier he visited Christchurch Hospital to meet the staff who had helped save some of the wounded. The Royal Family would spend all day addressing rumors if they chose to do so. Prince William has been bedeviled by rumors of an affair with a friend of his wife and he has steadfastly refused to directly deny them. The Rumors Start FlyingThe rumor of Williams supposed affair with Rose is actually the second half of a two part set of rumors. prince william and kate got married in a stunning ceremony that was. But what did Prince Harry arrange when he was best man for his brother Will?Weve got the lowdown

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