Twitter Reacts To Kate Middleton Prince William Visiting Meghan Markle

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It has been claimed that the tensions were sparked by William questioning whether Harry was being hasty in marrying Meghan Markle last May less than two years after they met. But whatever the cause sources say the rift was healed up to ten weeks ago. Harry is moving to a new office at Buckingham Palace while William remains at Kensington Palace. The get together took place just before William flew to New Zealand for a tour. Kate Middleton and Prince William visited Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Windsor. Another user said that this is just for PR and is all about damage control. Meanwhile a number of netizens also defended Prince William and Middleton. The same user insisted that Prince William doesnt need her but she needs the future king. Anderson added that Markle is nobody and easily disposable. Other users also said that despite the rumored feuding so this is still possible

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