What Wouldve Happened If Princes William Harry Had Married Single Moms

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Prince William and Prince Harry married two women who didnt have children before dating them. But royal fans are wondering what wouldve have happened if they wed someone who already has a baby. Elizabeth Nield Prince William and Prince Harry would be allowed to remarry. Ardythe Basham said that its quite hard to speculate on Prince William and Prince Harrys relationship since they are both happily married to their wives. When Prince William was asked about the babys arrival during a walkabout in New Zealand on Saturday and that fans would know before he did. It turns out Prince William is in the dark just like the rest of us but not for the reason you might think. This has led many fans to believe that Markle could be opting for a home birth. according to town & country william replied. Isnt the feud between William and Harry over now?It is thought that William and Kates visit to Meghan and Harry in their new home did mark a friendlier phase in royal relations. The body language between them at public events in the past year has been ice cold

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