Kate Middleton Has This Only Way To Inherit Princess Dianas Title

princess diana


Kate Middleton has only one way to inherit Princess Dianas title. However she can also inherit her late mother laws Princess of Wales title when a particular event happens. When this happens Prince William will be the new Prince of Wales and the Princess of Wales title will be passed to Middleton. However Camilla snatched Princess Dianas title when she and Prince Charles visited Ghana. Dozens of May Day protesters stormed into the Paris hospital where Princess Diana died and tried to shove their way into an intensive care unit it emerged on Thursday. we were confronted by about 50 people and we barricaded ourselves in behind the glass doors of the intensive care unit. Hospital staff said some protesters wore the high government protest movement. Martin Hirsch said staff were shocked by an attempted intrusion that placed patients in danger. Prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation

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