Westfield HS principal lapsed into monthlong coma died after bone marrow donation to help 14 year old boy

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Dolan said counselors would be available beginning at 8 a. Tuesday for Westfield High School students. They say the 44 old couldnt speak or move afterward and remained in that condition until he died on Sunday. Nelsons father says its still not clear what happened to his son who was the father of a 6 old girl. Friends say Nelson didnt know the French teen he was trying to help. I cant name a single person that didnt like him Avans told NJ. We really dont know the full story of what happened Willie Nelson said. A 44 old high school principal from New Jersey has died after complications following donating bone marrow to a complete stranger. Nelson had also served for more than 20 years in the Army Reserve and had re TV

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