Trump announces Second Step Act to help ex prisoners find work

prisoner trump


President Trump announced plans Monday for a Second Step Act focused on easing employment barriers for formerly incarcerated people. Trump said the second step legislation will feature a $88 million funding request for prisoner social reentry programs. As described by Trump though not all applied retroactively. Troy Powell spoke at the event Monday and called for more action to release inmates. Pope criticizes building walls to keep migrants out in response to question about Trump Builders of walls. Trump said he wanted to follow up on criminal justice reform with efforts helping federal inmates find jobs after they leave prison. He said a Second Step Act will focus on successful re entry and reduced unemployment for Americans with past criminal records. His goal is to cut that unemployment rate for ex prisoners to single digits within five years. Congress passed legislation last year called the First Step Act that gives judges more discretion when sentencing some drug offenders and boosts prisoner rehabilitation efforts. Trump said Americans with criminal backgrounds are unemployed at rates up to five times the national average which stood at 3

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