The Jonas Brothers I Believe Is About Priyanka Chopra The Internet Cant Handle The Cuteness

priyanka chopra


Fans are convinced that the Jonas Brothers I Believe is about Priyanka Chopra and the internet cant handle the cuteness. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra officially began dating a few years ago and theyve been making headlines ever since. He said Chopra also seems to be on board with moving to a farmNick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra both have big careers. the jonas brothers released their new album this week. Nick Jonas sings about the power of love in the Jonas Brothers comeback album Happiness Begins. Particularly the singer revealed that the single I Believe is dedicated his wife Priyanka Chopra. This song is a love letter to my wife he told Apple Music. While Nick and Priyanka are just starting their lives together they reportedly love the idea of leaving the spotlight behind them and living on a farm. the album happiness begins includes singles sucker and cool but really what the internet is burning up about right now are two beautiful love ballads. Jonas Brothers fans have been impatiently waiting since Joe Midnight ET #Sucker

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