Samsungs Galaxy Wearable app has been having sign in problems for days

problem galaxy


The Samsung Galaxy Wearable app was down for several days starting over the weekend with hundreds of users reporting login and update issues. the issue affected samsung gear and galaxy. A thread on Samsungs community forums now spans 65 pages of users reporting problems with the app. Samsung today officially acknowledged its intention to delay the launch of its highly anticipated Galaxy Fold smartphone. We are encouraged by the excitement around the Galaxy Fold. All in all the entire Galaxy Fold saga has been nothing short of an embarrassment for Samsung. And who knows perhaps Samsung will defy the odds and actually get the Galaxy Fold out into consumer hands sooner rather than later. Samsung has announced that the release of the Galaxy Fold has been delayed. timothy martin reports for the wall street journal. The Galaxy Fold phone was slated to hit the shelves on Friday

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