How Edge AI Could Solve The Problem Of Personalized Ads In An Encrypted World

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The answer is likely to be the very on device AI algorithms it is turning to for content moderation. To peer inside its users end phone content scanning algorithms. It could transmit these labels back to its own servers while truthfully assuring users that their communications are encrypted. In fact Facebook might even be more insulated from many data protection laws. In a world where content scanning can occur on device even encryption does little to secure our content from prying eyes. Biodiversity loss cannot be partitioned from climate change or from human population growth or pollution or plastics in our oceans. And soil erosion is also fuelling climate change because that earth contains three times more carbon than is in the atmosphere. For many farmers whether they accept it or not. Like all of us farmers need help to embrace change and we need to change what farm subsidies do. Two thirds of Britons agree planet is in a climate emergency Read moreWere not struggling to find ideas to solve problems either globally or locally

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