Prep parade Wellston and Okeene latest to seek path to solve football participation problem

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wellston and okeene latest to seek path to solve football participation problemcurtis wartchow sees no other way to save not only football but other athletic programs at wellston high school. Wellston must go to the eight man football level. Its safer and smarter for the small rural school northeast of Oklahoma City as participation numbers dwindle. Wartchow believes if football ceases other boys programs will suffer. But not having football could lead them to transfer elsewhere. The squad also threw their weight behind the manager with Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford highlighting their joy and renewed freedom since Solskjaer was appointed from Molde. The performance levels of every other United player have soared under Solskjaer who has admitted only Sanchez himself holds the answers. Sanchezs ill Solskjaer and his backroom team have to get their recruitment right. Small businesses need cash on hand to keep operations running when problems ariseOwners shouldnt be afraid of using debt to raise more cash to finance their business operationsPaying off debt in a timely and responsible manner can help you build the higher credit scores that banks valueWhen you own a small business cash is king. Cash flow problems can be common with small businesses

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