Unsolved research problems vs real world threat models

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I think much of the confusion comes from conflating an unsolved research problem with a real world threat model. Our threat model has told us that using one detection model alone is not robust enough for safety critical use. In deployed systems the most glaring concerns are almost certainly more basic than the research problems. We are working through the cold start problem with our ai system. Additional users help us improve the quality of generated recommendations. Every time a new user joins driverbase the recommendation quality improves for everyone. thought you might want to use it to find your optimal vehicle. Mathematicians long wondered whether its possible to express the number 33 as the sum of three cubesthat is whether the equation 33 = x+ y+ z has a solution. For that reason number theorists are eager to understand anything they can about sums of three cubes. He noted that Bookers new solution for 33 is not going to change the course of mathematical research in this area

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