Intel Finally Takes The Covers Off Its 10nm Ice Lake Laptop Processors

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Notes on TestingBy the nature of being a mobile CPU you cant buy an Ice Lake processor and put it in a machine yourself. Reviews will come when we see Ice Lake fitted into full systems that people will be able to buy at retail. This is also a four thread processor with the same Iris Pro graphics and 8MB of cache. Intel expects the first notebooks with Ice Lake chips to be available in time for the holiday shopping season. Intel spent some time with us to talk about whats new in Ice Lake as well as the products direction. Today we learned everything there is to know about the new Intel chip that will likely power the next laptop you buy. Now Ice Lake chips are officially available for PC makers to use so Intel is finally sharing all the critical details. Intel hasnt given exact dates but you can expect to start seeing laptops with the new Ice Lake chip arrive on shelves for the holidays

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