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when cooking ground beef or turkey just chop it up in the pan with this utensil. Its a lot better than using spatulas or tongs. It just makes it easy to chop your ground meat and even if its still a bit frozen it still works. Cheap and easy to use making chopped meat even easier. The grip is perfect and long enough not to get splattered from grease. Youll find these bizarre products charmingly quirky and incredibly useful in your everyday life. Its made with nourishing ingredients that include panthenol and shea butter and makes for a lovely massage. i can see that the product absorbs into my skin even with all the other products on my skin. Reviewers say they use these things all over the house and many note the price is unbeatable for a pack of 24 cloths. Reviewers say the scrubber and scraper make all the difference and can help restore even the most grungy cooktops

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