Bernie Sanders Wanted Public Ownership of the Major Means of Production in 1976

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has bad economic ideas which have sadly been mainstreamed within the modern democratic party. When pointed out by the interviewer that That is Socialism Sanders replied Of course. Pretty much every definition you can find of socialism involves public ownership of the means of production. In our interview including the barbaric practice of ensuring babies were aborted alive so that their organs might be harvested without anesthetic. Most of the vaccines today that use aborted fetal cell lines were derived from the aborted babies lung tissue. In 36 BC Wang Zhaojun became famous for being a talented artist in so many disciplines and was noted for her exceptional beauty. Wang Zhaojun was aware of the unrest between the Emperor and the northern leader. Wang Zhaojun moved to Xiongnu and unexpectedly fell madly in love with her new husband. The story of Princess Zhaojun continues to symbolize the unity of cultures. Princess Zhaojun excites the hearts and minds of audiences and brings the story of Wang to life

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