Cone Denim Inks Deal to Bring Storied Selvage Looms Back Into Production

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Right now chief market strategist at SunTrust Advisory Services in Atlanta. As a result chief market strategist at Bruderman Asset Management in New York. Cone Denim said today that it inked a deal to bring the American Draper X3 selvage looms from the iconic White Oak plant back into production. The agreement with local investor Will Dellinger provides for the sale of the X3 looms to Dellinger the company said in a statement. At least years Rennsport Reunion festival in Monterey Porsche dropped a pair of delicious machines upon the faithful attendees. Though limited to only 77 units that at least was a production car. The other one was a concept making its debut this week in New York. Im glad to report that virtually nothing has changed from that concept I saw last year to this the production version. 2 independent gas producer Santos Ltd has posted record quarterly production while sales revenue jumped 28 per cent. Santos net debt rose after the Quadrant buy which it funded through a combination of cash and new debt

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